Gardenscapes Hack 2018

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Hey game freaks, hope you are having a great day. Today we’ll look at the Gardenscapes game hack 2018 and for this we have made the best Gardenscapes hack that words 24/7. Don’t worry, this isn’t another fake survey targeted hack that will waste your time. It works every time with 24/7 up time. This means, you can come any time, use our hack tool and get away with all the resources you need to add in your account. Continue reading below and you’ll get to know how to make the most out of our Gardenscapes hack 2018.

What our hack does?

Here is what you can do with our hack and for free:

  • Generate Coins: YES! You can generate unlimited number of coins in Gardenscapes game. Our developers have worked hard to develop a tool that allows you to increase your daily coins’ limit to as much as 999,999. Though that is a lot of coins, you don’t need to necessarily add 999,999 coins. Just add a reasonable quantity and that’s it

About the Game

If you are someone who loves gardening a lot and also have the dreams of having a very beautiful and attractive garden, then Gardenscapes is the game you should be playing right now. It is a New Acres game and is very interesting where you can earn stars and use them to build up your garden. Moreover, this game can be enjoyed by all age group people. Whether you are a child or an adult or even a fully grown up individual, this interesting game is made for all. Also, before you start playing the game, make sure that you read all the rules of the game and instructions to prevent your account from getting banned.

The game has many other features, some of them are explained below:

  • Whenever you complete a particular level, you will be able to earn 50-70 coins. You can also use these coins to purchase other items like shovels or even getting some extra moves in the game and speed up the process. Moreover, you can also play the same level again and again to earn more coins but this is very time consuming
  • There are certain levels within the game that have a fixed number of turns and are required for completing certain goals. Similarly, a few levels are time based and you need to keep a strong check of them
  • In the game you can also unlock as many power-ups you want. These include shovels, rainbow, explosives, etc. Furthermore, among all the items, the shovels are most helpful as they power-up and allows you to dig up a tile anywhere on the board
  • As you continue progressing within the game, there are many other puzzles that you can match more than three times. This gets crucial when you cross level 7 and you have to play with more concentration and try setting up a four chain
  • In the game, the gnome statues are hiding behind the long grass or sometimes a color hole and you have to be very careful when trying to uncover them else they’ll kill you
  • The match 3 levels are the most interesting and the challenging as well and you have to perform tasks like collecting tiles or even dropping other items
  • Finally, you need a lot of starts in order to complete, purchase and go through several garden tasks and this is what our hack tool will help you to achieve. You can install benches, build your own treehouse and earn more stars by completing match 3 Levels. The best way to progress quickly in the game is to collect as many starts as you like and also save them for future use.

How to Hack?

That being said; you can use our hack to generate unlimited Gardenscapes stars. Here is how to hack

  • Start by adding your Gardenscapes user id in the hack tool provided on this page
  • Next you need to select the number of stars you want to add. Please make sure to select a reasonable quantity only and not way too much else admins might ban your account
  • Tap on hack and wait for the tool to add stars to your Gardenscapes account
  • That’s it